Cogal invest on solar energy

Cogal ethic attitude with eco-friendly investment.

One of the goal for Cogal, is to maintain the balance between modernization of plants and the increasing of clean energy use in order to achieve a sustainability of the production processes.Cogal always want to keep the promises he made. This is his ethics with suppliers, customers, but also with the environment.

So Cogal in 2010, has installed a 520 kW photovoltaic system power of 4,500 square meters: this allows us to cover 50% of the company's energy needs with clean energy. From the time of installation, indeed, we have "saved" 732,998.5 tons of CO2 and 4887.48 trees.

To expand the green energy production, in 2013 has been instelled an additional 50 kW that will allow us to supply all the services and sewage treatment plants that operate 365 days a year, with zero impact .