Report on delivery service efficiency

COGAL, 1° place for delivery date puctuality! Efficiency on delivery service and customer relationship.

In the period between 2013 July 1st and September 30th, Cogal has been submit to a quarterly audit on the quality of service by a major Italian supermarket retail chain. Statistics have expressed the Cogal service efficiency. This research has given useful data to the client, but also give back to Cogal a positive feedback about its efforts on maintaining a quality of service, and also turns out it's the best on the market for the big supermarket retail chain. Official figures speak for themselves:

1st place out of 26 with regard to the order lines processed between the supplier of the department in which Cogal works.
1st place on 254 with regard to the order lines processed between all supplier of entire retail chain.

The data were drawn through the punctuality rate of delivery, both as regards the positions of deposit of the goods and for both the stores, where the goods are directly delivered.
Cogal not accept anything but the best, and to obtain it has increasing improvement of the relationship with the customer. The excellent result of Cogal shows how all departments are working in the same direction to achieve the same quality of service.