Italian bed linen since 1949

In COGAL INDUSTRY®, you will find real producers of made in Italy bed linen. The COGAL INDUSTRY® bed linen collections change the style of your bedroom, enhancing every space, making it original and unique. Let yourself on a journey to discover the fine COGAL INDUSTRY® fabrics that blend tradition with innovation. The care of details and their interpretation in products is what makes COGAL INDUSTRY® a unique brand and loved by those who know the value of "true Made in Italy".

Fitted sheet with elastic

The fitted sheets is the first cover of mattress, is the linen on which we sleep and the body skin remains more in contact during sleep. For this reason COGAL INDUSTRY® chooses with extreme care the natural materials for its fitted sheets.
fitted sheet with elastic COGAL INDUSTRY®

Top sheet

The top sheet is the first bed cover, which remains on top in summer and comes out from the blankets and comforter in winter. The COGAL INDUSTRY® top sheet is available in a wide range of natural fabrics, and in all sizes: single, queen and double.


Choose from the widest range of COGAL INDUSTRY® pillowcases: hotel closing or oxford pillowcases, always in 100% cotton and strictly made in Italy. The pillowcase protect the pillow from dust and coddle your face during sleep.
Made in Italy pillowcases COGAL INDUSTRY®
Bed sheet set COGAL INDUSTRY®

Bed sheet set

The bed sheet set consists of 4 pieces set: bottom sheet with elastic at the corners, top sheet and two pillowcases. You will find all the sizes for double, single and queen beds, available in the luxurious fabrics of COGAL INDUSTRY®.

Duvet cover

The duvet cover is the cover of the duvet filling. The duvet cover wraps the body with a single layer. It is suitable for all mattresses lengths and is fixed to the bottom by inserting the flap under the mattress. In the morning, after sleeping, you can do the bed in one-step.
Copripiumini per materassi singoli e matrimoniali COGAL INDUSTRY®
Design collection COGAL INDUSTRY®

Design collection

Our bedroom changes look when you choose a printed design or pattern. Stripe, squares, pois, flowers and landscapes meet and blend in COGAL INDUSTRY® design collections. Discover bed sets and duvet covers in printed designs with classic and modern printing techniques.

Bed linen
in 100% natural cotton

COGAL INDUSTRY® garantisce sempre i suoi prodotti di biancheria letto perchè cerca e seleziona solo le migliori materie prime di cotone naturale, per rendere ogni prodotto durevole e resistente ai lavaggi, e garantire colori brillanti e inalterati nel tempo. Siamo produttori di biancheria da letto e lo facciamo con cura e attenzione per i dettagli e le finiture, donando valore ad ogni prodotto che creiamo.


How much does worth to sleep well in the bed linen?
Always take care of your sleep and your body. COGAL INDUSTRY® heavily invests on the health of its products and is certified by Oeko-tex® international standards, a choice that can not be ignored because it is a product that is in contact with the skin for a long time. Sleeping well is essential.