Cogal complements, for a superior sleeping experience

Soft, valuable, cozy: each COGAL INDUSTRY® accessory has been produced to sleep better, to improve the quality of sleep and rest. Ergonomic and comfortable, the accessories complete the stylish bedding collections. Pillows, cushion covers, mattress covers, duvets, bedspreads and quilts of fine Italian craftsmanship, accessories designed for a softer, more restful sleep.


COGAL INDUSTRY® duvets fill the duvet cover with warm softness. Our cosy and precious duvets have a high thermal insulation capacity and can be filled with down or microfibre, depending on the model.
 Duvet cover
elegant bed cushions


Plunge into softness and surrender to the high quality of stitching and ruffles. The COGAL INDUSTRY® cushion range satisfies all requirements, even in the selection of materials: microfibre, viscose or memory foam.

Pillow cover

The pillow cover has the task of protecting pillow from dust and spots. It is made of cotton terry and stretch ground fabric. The white color guarantees you can wash and sterilize pillow cover even at high temperatures without ruining the colors.
Pillowcase protector
Coprimaterassi resistenti e di qualità

Mattress cover

The mattress cover is the first covering of the mattress and has the task of protecting it from stains, dust and any spots left on the sheet. The fabric is elasticized to dress even the very tall or non-standard-length mattresses.

Bedspread summer quilt

The bedspread is a light and padded quilt, finely quilted with fine workmanship in small rectangles. The bedspread covers the mattress completely and falls to the bottom of the bed in order to emphasize its natural shape and give refinement to the bed set.
Bedspread quilt
 Blanket with a voluminous and full padding


The comforter is a blanket with a voluminous and full padding, which must be added over the sheet for the autumn and the coldest winters. The comforter is an elegant ornament for the bed that gives the whole bedroom a refined and distinguished look.

Sleeping better:
choosing quality

COGAL INDUSTRY® bed accessories improve the quality of sleep and relaxation, turning moments of rest into precious regenerating breaks. They are indispensable and extremely soft. 
The products for better sleep, available in the "accessories" section of the online shop, are elegant and functional. They guarantee high standards of well-being: linen with high thermal insulating capacity, memory foam complements and stretch fabrics, for a softer sleep.

Made in Italy style for a superior sleeping experience

COGAL INDUSTRY® bed accessories comply with the high quality Made in Italy standard like the bed and bath linen. All COGAL INDUSTRY® bedroom accessories are designed and manufactured in the plants located in Leffe (BG) into Bergamo's textile tradition district: a Made in Italy philosophy that always stems from the best selected raw materials and the unique touch of our artisans.