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Terry cloth bathrobe: softness and absorbency

COGAL INDUSTRY® bathrobes are made of pure cotton terry to be soft and absorbent. There are many models of bathrobes available, each designed for a specific use. Choose where to use it: bathrobe for home, bathrobe for pool or gym, or on the go, for travel. COGAL INDUSTRY® bathrobes have a comfortable hood, to use as soon as you leave the shower: let yourself be embraced by softness and delicacy; feel the tender and protection.

Bathrobe for woman

Softer and more straight lines, colors from the brightest to the most elegant, light and heavy fabrics: take out the femininity when you came out of the shower. Discover the model that best suits you.
Women bathrobe
Accappatoio uomo

Bathrobe for man

Man will no longer be limited in choosing bathrobe just by colours. Sizes from S to the strongest triple XXL will no longer be a problem. Discover the model best suited to you.

Fabrics for every taste

The different quality of the fabric is the main features of COGAL INDUSTRY® bathrobes models.
Chose in our bathrobe shop the fabric that most match your needs from the many available models.

Basic bathrobe

The BASIC model has a lightweight and woven micro-cotton fabric. It is ultra-absorbent and quick drying, suitable for everyday use at home, in the gym, at the pool or on the go for travel.
Ultra-absorbent and quick drying bathrobe
terry fabric bathrobe for a frequent daily use

Classic bathrobe

The CLASSIC model has a traditional terry fabric, a very soft feeling on your body. It is a classic terry loop fabric, comfortable and it’s COGAL INDUSTRY choice for a frequent daily use.

Top bathrobe

The TOP model has a rich fabric, for a luxurious hotel feeling. The terry towel with long and voluminous pile to absorb water in an insuperable way. The TOP bathrobe is also a perfect dressing gown.
waffle bathrobe model

Waffle bathrobe

The waffle bathrobe model, has a “nide d’abeille” fabric structure, light and highly breathable. It can be coordinated with the towel set and bath sheet, and is also great as a travel bathrobe.

Kimono bathrobe

Woman model kimono bathrobe. It has a shiny fabric like silk, produced with cotton yarn combined with yarn extracted from bamboo wood fiber. It is also perfect as a dressing gown, and can be coordinated with the towel set.
Kimono bathrobe
Hotel bathrobe

Hotel bathrobe

Hotel bathrobe, transform your bathroom into a five-star resort with the hotel collection. Choose between the BASIC SERENITY model with hood or PREMIUM TIFFANY with a shawl collar and velour velvet surface.

Only 100%
cotton bathrobes

If you've tried a microfiber polyester bathrobe, you've definitely felt the annoying sensation of synthetic fibers, not natural, which stick to wet skin. The microfiber bathrobe does not dry because it lacks the absorbency of the cotton. Moreover, without the classic terry loop, it does not create the air cushion that allows the fabric to flow on the skin, leaving an annoying sensation during drying.
COGAL INDUSTRY bathrobes are all made of COTTON and natural fibers. Always check the product label, with the fiber composition, before buying a bathrobe.

Accappatoio donna, accappatoio uomo?

Perché accontentarsi quando puoi finalmente scegliere? Da COGAL INDUSTRY® abbiamo sviluppato negli anni diverse linee di accappatoi coordinate tra loro per uomo e donna. Per soddisfare al meglio le esigenze di tutti, abbiamo voluto diversificare il taglio e le misure dei vari modelli di accappatoi, mantenendo la stessa palette di colori: in questo modo è possibile acquistare accappatoi diversi, ma coordinati tra di loro. Linee più morbide e sciancrate per lei, forme più slanciate e decise per lui: ad ognuno il suo modello, il suo materiale, la sua consistenza e spessore.
I modelli di accappatoi da donna sono disponibili dalla taglia S alla L, mentre i modelli da uomo sono disponibili dalla M alla XXXL.

Versatile, comfortable, relaxing

The COGAL INDUSTRY® terry bathrobe allows a quick drying of the whole body, avoiding temperature changes after shower: once worn, the fabric captures the water left on the body and makes it perfectly dry.
The bathrobe can be safely worn for hours after the bath, for a complete feeling of relaxation. The natural cotton releases the absorbed water in the air and it is therefore possible to wear it for a long time, using it as a dressing gown. We do not produce simple bathrobe, we are keen on true relax sensation.