The excellence of terrycloth

COGAL INDUSTRY® bath towel

The bathroom towels are one of the most important purchases for a home bathroom since it comes in direct contact with the body and the skin.
COGAL INDUSTRY® carefully research the raw materials to be worked in its weaving mill in Italy. For its best bath towels cotton has chosen to use American cotton COTTON USA®, as the sole supplier partner, to ensure the products softness and high resistance to frequent washing.
All COGAL INDUSTRY® bathroom towel sets have a fancy border. Each collection has its own different, recognizable border, some are high and important, others are low and elegant. There are also several terry fabrics, from the light BASIC Serenity, to the heaviest and absorbent TOP Ranger, to cover and satisfy the tastes and needs of everyone.

Basic serenity

Try the BASIC Serenity light towel towel, you get quality and convenience in one towel. The basic towel is a whole new line, with the same border chosen by 5-star hotels. It is available in: set of 6 guest towels, set of 6 bath towels, shower towel.
Bath linen towels
Towels with a very high absorbency

Traditional concept

TRADITIONAL concept is the optimal choice for the lovers of comfort towels. It guarantees a very high absorbency weight ratio. It is the product recommended for those who use the towel every day and always seek the same feeling, as usual.

Classic Miami

CLASSIC Miami is the towel with a high and elegant border. Its high weight makes it a classic item for lovers of rich volume terry, which immediately dries water and maintains the quality unchanged even after many washes
Towels which immediately dries water
Best towel ever for absorbency and resistance

Top Ranger

The real luxury bath towels. Probably the best towel ever since 1989, for absorbency and resistance. The border is recognizable and timeless after 30 years. Top Ranger has the whole range of size, including the maxi bath sheet.

made in Italy weaved, in respect of the environment

COGAL INDUSTRY®  bath towels are produced respecting the environment, using energy from renewable sources produced by photovoltaic panels positioned on factorie’s roofs. Try on your body a towel made in Italy, you will feel the difference.

COGAL INDUSTRY® bath mat and towel sets are available in many sizes

Boutique bath towels suitable for each specific use and, for occasion, a bathroom set can become a perfect gift idea.
Discover in COGAL INDUSTRY® shop the bath towel sets on sale: the towel set for the bathroom, the large bath towel 70x140, the bath sheet 100x150 cm, the jumbo bath sheet 100x180 cm, the set of 6 towels, the face towel 33x33 cm or the bath glove.

What is the shower glove?

The bath and shower glove has multiple functions: it is useful for washing, drying your face, removing make-up, exfoliating peeling or washing and cleaning those who are unable to take a shower, as infirm and elderly.
It is also used as a cosmetic accessory, as a container to be filled with lavender or perfume-linen for drawers, as a cloth for dust or as a sponge for dishes.