Household linen production since 1949

Cogal ®

COGAL® is a family business of household linen manufacturers. COGAL® has a great experience and technical knowledge in houselinen production, handed down from generation to generation, as true handcrafter. The result is a mixture of craftsmanship and industrial technology, where research and advanced production techniques meet. COGAL® has always invested in the automation of production processes through numerical control machines and automatic motors with inverters; has thus optimized energy consumption and guaranteed the best management of processes.

Household linen production since 1949

Cogal ®

COGAL® è un'azienda familiare di produzione biancheria per la casa. Ha acquisito una grandissima esperienza tramandata di generazione in generazione, come veri artigiani. Il risultato è una miscela fra cura artigianale e tecnologia industriale, in cui si incontrano ingegno, ricerca e tecniche produttive avanzate. COGAL® ha sempre investito moltissimo nell’automazione dei processi produttivi tramite macchine a controllo numerico e motori automatici con inverter; ha così ottimizzato i consumi energetici e garantito la migliore gestione dei processi.

Real manufacturers of household linen

COGAL® is known in the Italian and international market for the production of household linen: the well-established distribution network, which rests on solid commercial relationships, allows a widespread distribution of products, in Italy and in the rest of the world.
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More than 30,000 sqm of industrial plants are located in Leffe (Bergamo), in the textile district of Val Gandino, with an integrated production system in which every thought is shared in real time within the company's specialized departments: weaving, cutting, dyeing, packaging.
More than 10,000 sqm of warehouses are located in Albino (Bergamo), this is the integrated and fully computerized logistics system.
Our focus is the quality standard of our products, so that our customers know they can always trust on COGAL®.

Truly Made in Italy

That is, aesthetically pleasing, tidy, resistant, with tangible quality, distinguished by details that recall the attention of the craftsman who works with passion and dedication to his business.

Raw Material

Cotton is a natural, renewable and biodegradable fiber. It is grown in many areas around the world, but COGAL for household linen uses only the best quality: American cotton from COTTON USA®.

Services and distribution

Access in real time to all COGAL products in stock, ready for delivery to keep the store shelves always supplied. Access to the stock service, constantly updated with fresh product offer for your customers.


Do you want to become COGAL® products distributor? Or do you have any questions about our products, services and company? Our experts will guide you to find the answers you are looking for.


Do you want to become COGAL® products distributor? Or do you have any questions about our products, services and company? Our experts will guide you to find the answers you are looking for.

Household linen manufacturers drived by ethic

These are the values ​​and principles that distinguish COGAL® choices every day:
  • We aim to constantly improve our life and the working environment;
  • We keep our promises to customers, suppliers and colleagues;
  • We promote respect for nature and the environment that surrounds us;
  • We save productive resources such as energy and water;
  • We operate a recycling and use of clean resources, such as solar energy;
  • We deal with personalization and innovation to guarantee products and services;
  • We apply competitive prices, obtained also thanks to important investments made in the field of automation, production and organization;
  • We have a fast and efficient delivery service and a state-of-the-art logistics platform;
  • We support team spirit, working together to achieve the best results.
Our mission is to continue to be producers of household linen. We have an important history behind us and for the future, we believe we still have many goals to write in history.

History and origins of household linen manufacturers.

The COGAL® company has always been innovative, although has solid traditions from its territory. The story begins in a land where the company still maintains its production, Val Gandino. Back at the time of Middle Ages, there are the first historical documents on the strictness in the work that had the inhabitants of this land, and this way of working has been handed down to the present day. The "know how to do well", flanked by the creative component typical of the Italian character has made the land of Val Gandino famous as one of the major Italian textile poles. COGAL® was founded in 1949 by Edoardo Galizzi, who married Liliana de Ruschi in 1957. Together they worked at the company's development during the years of the Italian economic big grown. The three sons Rodolfo, Emanuela and Francesco entered the company during the '70s and' 80s. Today they have fully taken over the management of the company and successfully lead the family business, preserving the ideals and spirit of the founder. The third family generation has been active since 2012, with Francesco's son, Edoardo. The great history of linen production is destined to continue ...

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The production chain: from cotton to the finished product

COGAL® controls the entire textile supply chain with all stages of production: purchase of cotton and raw materials, weaving, dyeing, finishing, packaging and marketing of the product. All this has led to the achievement of a high degree of flexibility to react fast to the changing demands of the market and customers. COGAL® houselinen are entirely processed in Italy in one of the main capitals of the national textile industry: COGAL® is synonymous with Made in Italy. We are aware that it is not enough to be able to create a product in a workmanlike manner: in fact, it is also necessary that the production process be rapid, always maintaining the same quality standards. This goal can only be achieved by combining meticulous and artisanal processing with the most modern industrial management tools.

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Weaving is the stage of creating the fabric by weaving warp threads with weft threads. All COGAL® looms are air-jet electronic: this means that in the working process the weft yarn is introduced into the warp with an air flow, to guarantee a much smoother fabric thanks to the millesimal position control of electronic control units. In terms of product innovation, COGAL® has introduced, in the production of terry towels, a special yarn: the American cotton cotton usa® which has superior yarn performance in terms of water absorption, due to to the air increased inside the wire itself. Using the microscope it is clearly visible that the fibers have a more irregular position and have more space between them: this is the secret of the exceptional performances of COGAL® towels. The weaving technique, the choice of the right type of yarn and the subsequent finishing stages of the fabric, are the key to the production of the best fabrics in the world.

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