Coddle your body in every season of the year


The duvet is the padding inserted in the duvet cover, can be in natural feather or microfiber. The COGAL INDUSTRY® made in Italy duvet meet the different heat demands of each person and cuddle your body in every season of the year. That's right, duvets are not only for winter, but have a high insulating power, retain body heat and release moisture during sleep, so they are best for all seasons of the year. COGAL INDUSTRY® duvets are as precious as your rest: they give you a regenerating sleep every night.

Natural feather

Goose down is the premium raw material in excellence and 100% natural. Recognized as superior for thermal properties and lightness. Three models to choose from according to the season: PIUMA, QUATTRO and QUATTRO TOP.
Winter and summer duvet filling
Duvet suitable for allergy sufferers


The microfiber quilt has a polyester flakes padding, which replicates natural feather sensation, being also suitable for allergy sufferers. Five different models to choose: LEGGERO, START, RELAX, MICRO, BENE.

The origin of down raw material

COGAL INDUSTRY® knows very well the origin of its raw materials, is sensitive to a sustainable use of this precious material that deserves attention and care. For its duvets it uses only European geese plumage, recognized as best, soft and silky, with excellent filling power. COGAL INDUSTRY® is quality and excellence in every product.

Duvet in natural feather or microfiber?

Among the duvets there is a primary distinction based on the content: they can have a natural and fine goose down padding, or a synthetic material, the microfiber, which replicates the feather sensation.
COGAL INDUSTRY® produces both types, down and microfiber duvets. Each product is designed with specific technical features, they are all soft and breathable.
Whatever the size of your mattress, COGAL INDUSTRY® has the full sizes range: double bed duvet, single bed duvet and queen bed duvet.

How important is the internal and external material of a duvet?

All duvets have a durable and washable fabric. The coating materials range start from fine percale cotton up to the resistant polyester; they are all non-toxic and comply with the standard Oeko-tex® standard 100.

My husband and I have too different temperatures!

It will no longer be a problem to have different body temperatures during sleep: the double duvet, for two people, leaves the subjects at different temperatures without compromise of using separate blankets. Discover the entire COGAL INDUSTRY® collection and find your duvet.