Essential for the well-being of sleep


The pillow for the bed is the most important element to ensure the well-being of your sleep. COGAL INDUSTRY® offers a wide range of elegant bed cushions, all made in Italy, to match your linen. The precious COGAL INDUSTRY® pillow stand out for fine workmanship, with top quality materials, as well as for the scrupulous selection of fillings. Choose the COGAL INDUSTRY® pillow that best suits your sleeping style: pillow with microfiber feather flakes, pillow with Viscolattice®, or pillow with memory foam.


The standard COGAL INDUSTRY® pillow have the classic rectangular shape, 50x80 cm. Here you will find soft and fluffy pillows, or full and firm support. You can also choose the preferred filling among: microfiber feather effect, Latex Viscolattice®, or Memory foam.
 pillow for beds
cuscini con presidio medico

Medical pillows

The special pillows designed to solve sleep disorders, mainly caused by cervical, allergies, pains and postural problems. COGAL INDUSTRY® offers a selection of pillow with a class 1 medical device, compliant with EEC directives.

Special shapes pillows

COGAL INDUSTRY® produces special shapes pillow dedicated to specific uses: the car lumbar support pillow, the travel pillow or the travel collar pillow. Every situation, its suitable support.
Special shapes pillows
online pillow

Pillow On Line

You can buy your pillow directly online with few clicks. At home, delivered in 24 hours: your relax starts here.

Where do I find information on the fabric that covers the pillow?

COGAL INDUSTRY® pillows have different fabrics cover, to match the specific features of each special filling. In each pillow of the shop you will find the technical sheet with specified covering fabric, for example: traditional percale cotton, fine and natural; The basic, light and natural cotton; or the microfiber, resistant and antibacterial polyester fabric. Each fabric is easy to wash, to guarantee high level of hygiene to your pillows and preserve your health.

Pillow filled with Microfiber, viscolattice® or memory foam?

Each product is designed to meet specific needs: the feather-effect microfiber pillow is soft and delicately drive the right position of the head; the latex cushion (viscolattice®) and the memory foam pillow provide a firmer support to the head, ideal for those who want to feel cuddle but free to move.

Which cervical pillow does COGAL® recommend?

Among the medical pillows you will find IN FORMA PLUS pillow which, with its double-wave cervical anatomical shape, helps to find the right position of the head, neck and shoulders; moreover, it reduces the pressure exerted on the cervical vertebrae, favoring a correct posture. This cervical pillow will give relief and benefit to your back and neck. A real massaging pillow for your pain.