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Plain towel set

  • Choose the size that suits your needs: glove (16x21), washcloth (33x33), guest (40x60), towel (55x100), guest+towel set, large towel (68x127) MAXI towel (95x180)
  • Soft 100% natural cotton terrycloth with high curl
  • Yarn with guaranteed COTTON USA® origin
  • Absorbs up to 4 times its weight in water
  • Completely Made in Italy
  • Luxury TOP towel set Ranger

The world's number one bath towel has a name of its own - since 1989 it has been called Ranger. A collection from COGAL®, created for lovers of luxury bathroom linen. Only 100% natural cotton to give you softness and comfort on the skin.

The TOP Ranger towel has a precious Greek jacquard border that has been recognisable and timeless for over 30 years. The jacquard border frieze is a decorative band that interrupts the surface of the terry towel and characterises the towel. The frieze is still made of cotton yarn like the terry loop, but a fancy pattern is created through the weaving process.

  • Towels in American sizes

TOP Ranger bath towels are produced in American sizes, all of which are generous and abundant. Choose among:

  • SET 6 GUESTS (40x60 cm) - The guest towel is the traditional bidet towel, small enough to fit in any bathroom.
  • SET 6 TOWELS (55x100 cm) - The towel is a piece of terry cloth with absorbent power. You can use it to dry yourself without sacrificing the softness of Cogal products.
  • SET 1 GUEST + 1 BATH TOWEL (40x60 cm + 55x100 cm) - Buy the complete set to always have the most suitable product for your needs. You will be able to offer your guests a set that is both elegant and appropriate for a wide range of needs.
  • SET 3 LARGE TOWELS (68x127 cm) - Cogal offers different sizes of towels that you can combine in the shapes you prefer to have a complete bathroom set for every occasion. The set of three large towels measures 68x127 cm, to be able to wrap any type of body.
  • MAXI BATH TOWEL (95x180 cm) - This MAXI bath towel can replace the bathrobe thanks to its dimensions of 95x180 cm. Perfect to take with you when you're out and about. We suggest combining the towel with the set of 3 large towels to get the perfect bathroom set.
  • SET 6 BATH GLOVES (16x21 cm) - The bath glove is a stitched towel with a pocket to slip your hand in and use it just like a glove.
    The glove has multiple functions: washing during the shower or bath, drying your face, removing make-up, exfoliating or washing and cleansing those who are unable to take a shower (such as the infirm and the elderly).
  • SET 6 FACE WASHERS (33x33 cm) - The wash basin is an excellent bathroom accessory for cleansing your face and hands. You can also use it in your guests' bathrooms to provide them with fresh, clean towels.

With the American size of the TOP Ranger towels you will always feel fully wrapped up and pampered.

  • TOP Ranger absorbs 4 times its weight in water

TOP Ranger luxury towels are the bulkiest of all luxury towels, weighing 650 grams per square metre and representing the top of their class.
COGAL® tests its products to ensure their performance, and laboratory tests have shown that TOP Ranger luxury towels absorb 4 times their weight in water. Try it to believe it!

  • Luxury towels made from the finest fibres

COGAL® carefully researches the origin of the raw materials to be processed in its weaving mills in Italy and has chosen to use COTTON USA® American cotton yarn as its sole supplier partner. Thanks to this open cotton yarn, TOP ranger luxury towels achieve unsurpassed characteristics in both softness and washing resistance.

  • COGAL® chooses ethical production and does not use silicone additives

As an ethical choice, COGAL® does not use silicone additives, which make the towel softer to the touch but greatly reduce absorbency. COGAL® bath linen products guarantee maximum natural cotton hydrophilicity from the first use. COGAL® invites its customers to be wary of products with an unusual softness.

How to find out if a towel contains silicone additives? Take a new towel and drop drops of water on the surface. If the water slips on the surface and does not penetrate, the towel has not been made in a natural way. Trust COGAL® products, your body will know the difference of a natural cotton towel.


Data sheet

Ranger Set
TOP Ranger
100% Cotton
Glove: 50gr| Washbasin: 70gr| Guest: 160gr | Towel: 380gr| Large towel: 570gr| Bath towel: 1150gr
Four season
Washing machine max 60°, tumbler max 60°, no bleaching, medium temperature ironing

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Valutazione sulla qualità del prodotto

Ho ricevuto il set asciugamani e finalmente rilevo il tipo di manufatto che cercavo da tempo sia per la consistenza e la qualità della spugna, sia per le dimensioni dei due teli. Complimenti, quanto prima procederò ad altri acquisti

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Cogal garanzia assoluta in tutto e per tutto

come da titolo il marchio cogal e una garanzia assoluta in tutto e per tutto dalla qualità dei prodotti al servizio.

star star star star star

Top di nome e di fatto

Li avevo acquistati anni fa in un negozio e non potevo fare a meno di ricomprarli, vista la qualità, resistenza, morbidezza e assorbenza

star star star star star

Set top ranger

Ottimi asciugamani, morbidi e assorbenti, molto soddisfatta

star star star star star

Set Asciugamani Top Ranger

Ho fatto questo ordine senza conoscere Cogal. Riassunto: prodotto di qualità, morbido e molto assorbente, consegna puntuale. Corredo di depliant e campioni di tessuto per le lenzuola. Complimenti per lo stile.

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Towels Set - TOP Ranger

Towels Set - TOP Ranger

Plain towel set

  • Choose the size that suits your needs: glove (16x21), washcloth (33x33), guest (40x60), towel (55x100), guest+towel set, large towel (68x127) MAXI towel (95x180)
  • Soft 100% natural cotton terrycloth with high curl
  • Yarn with guaranteed COTTON USA® origin
  • Absorbs up to 4 times its weight in water
  • Completely Made in Italy

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